Sunday, April 20, 2008

Big Girls, Parties, Miatas, and Cousins

Not too much to report. We've been pretty low key, and tomorrow our little one will be 4 weeks old. Zoe is nearing the 13 pound mark and comfortably wearing a size 2 diaper as well as most 3-6 month clothing. We have on our hands a very, very healthy girl.

Yesterday we headed over to Kerri and Dan's for Sarah's surprise birthday party. The company and food were awesome. Kerri knows how to throw a shindig. Unfortunately I didn't get the money shot of Sarah walking in the door, but I think she was definitely surprised. In fact, I didn't get a single picture of any adults.

It could safely be said that for most of the children the outdoor play set was the hit of the party. This picture of Maly, Alison, and Tessa absolutely cracked me up. I think Alison might need a bit of a push.

----------------------------Happy Birthday Sarah!---------------------------

Susan and Matt were awesome enough to send Zoe a shirt commemorating the sweet ride Charles had while he lived in LA. I squeezed Lucy into the shirt meant for Zoe and squeezed Zoe into the onsie they had made for Lucy a year and a half ago. Here they are modeling their first twinkie outfits, as well as their first twinkie muffin tops. Dunlap syndrome runs in the family...

Sunday the girls and I hung out at the Smith house. Lucy has always favored running around after her older cousins, so it was a very delightful surprise when she sat down to play with Pari. I think having a little sister at home has changed her opinion about the younger set.

Alison and Maly love cuddling with their little cousin.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Two and a half weeks out...

It is hard for me to believe that it has only been two and a half weeks since giving birth to Zoe. It feels like she has been a part of our family for much longer than the mere 18 days the calendar shows. She is finally back up to her birth weight, plus some (no thanks to the incredibly long, frustrating, and stressful time it took for my milk to come in) and continues to "beef up" a little more everyday that passes. Lucy is finally beginning to acknowledge her presence, and I hope that soon they will become the best of friends. Here's our "little" tank in the day after she was born. Hospital pictures have come a long way.

Because of the complications from delivery, I had a hard first few days home. Grandma Maly came to watch both girls the first day Charles went back to work. She was amazing and we all adore her.

Zoe getting ready for her first outing since leaving the hospital. Seriously, how is that comfortable? I am pleased to announce the trips to Baby's R Us and Target went rather smoothly; only two poopy diapers, one feeding, and zero melt-downs (from the children, anyway).

Zoe and her Dad sharing in a little bonding time. She is very alert and quite observant. Or maybe is seems like that because she has such large eyes.

Zoe hanging out with her cousin Woody. Already, they are good friends. The adult in the picture is Lucy's new BFF, Aunt Sue. Lucy loves her some Aunt Sue. I wish I had video or picture to better demonstrate their love for each other. Maybe next post.

And of course, no post is complete with out a picture of Miss Lucy. I have been delighted by the change in her since Zoe has been home. She is much more outgoing and seeks attention, rather than sitting back and waiting for it. She stayed with her Grandma Penn while we were in the hospital and they developed and even tighter bond, if you couldn't tell.

This last week and a half Grandma Judy came down from Minnesota to visit. She and Lucy have grown very fond of each other. I don't know what I'm going to do when she heads home. Cry, I guess. Her help around the house and with the girls has been invaluable. Words cannot describe how thankful we are and how greatly we've benefited from the time spent together.

So, there you have it. These last two weeks have gone by in a blur and I am lucky that I even have those few pictures to share with you all. I am getting better with my time management, so hopefully I'll write again before the girls graduate from college. Then again, I can't make any promises. Just keep checking back!