Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Two new developments

Look close, Lucy has something to show you...

Over the last two weeks, Lucy has sprouted her top two teeth! Just like the bottom two, one came in right after the other. And as you parents know, this makes for a very delightful baby. I can't wait til' the molars come!

Here she is doing what she does best, emptying the contents of my purse onto the floor. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. This girl is nosy!

Last week Pari came over for a visit. Since they're family, the girls figured it was okay to hang out in their pajamas. Can you believe how big Pari's getting? They love talking to each other and telling secrets. They are already the best of friends...

Except when Lucy forgets the concept of personal space. And because she is twice her cousin's size it is understandable when Pari recoils from fear. Here Lucy is getting ready to "dogpile/hug" Pari.

Papa Walter and Grandma Boo took us out to lunch on Sunday morning. I freaking love Macaroni Grill. Delicious! Lucy loves to talk on the phone. It doesn't matter if the call isn't for her or if the phone isn't hers. She always has something to say.

I thought it was time for Lucy to move into her crib. I don't know why. Maybe it was the waking up at 3 AM screaming at the top of her lungs. She did okay the first two nights. The third wasn't as successful. Charles and I talked it over and made the decision together that it would be better to tackle one thing at a time, e.g., getting her on a schedule first. She is still a night owl, and has no problem getting up at seven in the morning. I'm still not sure where she gets that from. It's definitely not from me. All the same, she does enjoy playing in her crib.

Yesterday, the community center had their "free day". Since we love anything free, we decided to go and check out their pool. Lucy had such a good time. We started swimming at 12:30 and left the center two hours later. She played herself out and took a much needed hour nap when we got home. It makes me contemplate getting a membership.

Lucy, me, Ethan, Megan, and Oliver at the zero entry end by the giant water squirting mushroom.

Megan and Oliver playing with Ethan's baby boat. It was a steal for a dollar, but you have to watch it closely. One lean to the side and the thing will capsize.

Ethan and Lacy. That Ethan is a mover and a shaker. It is difficult to get a posed picture. So getting one of him sitting still speaks highly of my photograher skills.

Last night the playgroup had a family BBQ, men included. It was so much fun. I can't believe it's taken so long for us all to get together. Mommies and Babies (L-R) Me, Lucy, Jen, Preston, Megan, Oliver, Emily, Mal, Melana, Zach, and Lacy, Ethan.

Daddies and Babies (L-R) Josh, Mal, Charles, Lucy, Mike, Oliver, Jason, Preston, Dave, Zach, and Jon, Ethan.

The Happy Family is always happier after a good meal with great friends!

Monday, June 11, 2007

Minnesota Pics...At Last

About two and a half weeks ago we took our second trip of the season, this one by car. As well as Lucy traveled by plane we were still a little apprehensive of the six and a half hour drive up north. We hit the road about 10 AM and stopped only three times for bathroom breaks, food, and gas. Amazingly, we made it in record time and Lucy was a superstar. We spent the first two nights with Iain and Katie and the last night with Grandma J and Grandpa Dave. Charles and I had a great time, as did Lucy. The weekend went by much too quickly. We hope to make it back before the fall.

Saturday morning Auntie and Uncle Ralph had us all over for a delicious lunch and the "dessert of the day"...strawberry shortcake! Grandpa Dean and Cousin Stacy came by for the visit. Lucy really took to her Grandpa and loved sitting on his lap. After lunch we went for a walk and Lucy got the see the home that her Great Grandma and Grandpa Horton lived in. After the wonderful visit, we made our way over to Ikea. We spent almost three hours there, and it hardly felt like time passed at all. After purchasing a bookcase, kids' table, and chair, we squeezed (barely) into the car. I wish we would have rented a U-haul because I could have filled that thing up.

We spent Saturday evening with Iain and Katie, dining on a scrumdiddlyumptious dinner at Kabobbi's. Afterwards we took a drive and got to meet one of Charles' coworkers and his family. After a very long, full day of visits, shopping, and introductions, we made our way back to the house. Lucy, Katie, and I wisely decided to crash. The boys stayed up playing video games til the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday morning I met up with one of my bestest buds, Jasper. She recently relocated from Iowa to the cities, and we figured it was a great opportunity to catch up. We coffeed at Starbucks and much to my surprise and delight, we take our lattes the exact same way, except she likes her without foam and "not too, too hot". Right, Jasper?

Sunday afternoon we all headed down to Grandma's for a BBQ. The weather was wonderful; blue skies, sunny and warm. We took advantage and lounged on the deck, all the while visiting with family we don't get to see often enough. Lucy especially loved this part of the vacation because Grandma J and Grandpa Dave have two small dogs. Everytime Lucy saw one she squealed in delight. I think that she was missing Ted. Funny enough, she has proved to be a "dog person". Everytime the cat came around, Lucy would get scared and cry. We stayed up late looking at old pictures of the boys. One of these days I'm going to scan and post them. Monday morning we were on the road early and got home just in time to pick Ted up from the kennel.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Playful Puppy, ER, Bikinis

Yesterday Lucy, Ted and I went for a nice afternoon stroll. I had Ted on the leash and the goose facing out in her Moby carrier. As we were walking, our neighbor from the next block asked if we had seen her puupy. We had not, but wished her luck. As we were rounding the block towards the house, the puppy (Ted's size) came barreling over wanting to play. He jumped up twice and scratched Lucy's leg. I was upset, she was not. I think she was excited that there were two dogs to play with. Anywhoo, we got her home and cleaned her up. The neighbors were really apologetic and offered to take her to the doctor. It wasn't necessary, but appreciated all the same. Here she is with her nice scratch. It's the shadow barely visible on her left leg.

As if that didn't scare me enough, shortly after Lucy took a nose dive off the bed, landing directly on her head on the hardwood floor (darned hardwood floors!). She was very upset (understandably), and I tried my best to soothe her. I couldn't find a knot on her head, so I wasn't sure where to apply the icepack. She didn't lose consciousness nor did she vomit, so I thought we were in the clear. I'm getting better since the bloody mouth/coffee table incident. After she calmed down, I called her pediatrician thinking they would just have me monitor her. Boy was I wrong. They strongly suggested that I have her checked out at the ER; you know because of her age AND the possibilty of bleeding on the brain. I haul A** downtown, all the while thinking that I've caused my daughter irrepairable brain damage. The nurses in triage check her out and give her the green light. By the way, Lucy is not a fan of having her temp taken rectally. They explain since she seems fine we'll be seen in minor care, rather than by ER staff. The doctor comes in checks her eyes, ears, and reflexes, and tells us we can go home, but to watch for any behavioral changes. And that was it. Thankfully nothing severe, and now we know, Lucy cannot be trusted. How fabulous does she look in her gown and ID bracelet? Nice face, huh?

On a happier note, Lucy met us with her friends Mallory and Preston for a swim date on Wednesday. The water was very cold, but Lucy didn't care. She loved the water. Even better news, I think she may have a bit of my complexion. Even with SPF 50, she managed to get a little bit of a tan. Hopefully that means she'll have less of a chance of burning as she gets older. I stole this picture from Mal's blogs! Thanks guys!

Friday, June 08, 2007

Quick Update

We still haven't posted any pictures from Minnesota, but they're in the works. Last Tuesday Lucy had her nine month checkup (shot free-yeah!). Everything looked good, and she seems to be progressing normally. Stranger and separation anxiety are at an all time high, which really bothered her come time for the doc to check her out. We spoke with him about the next round of immunizations and their correlation to autism. He assured us that she would be fine and gave us some great websites to read up on so we would feel more at ease. Other than those things we discovered a new cafe au lait spot. They are small skin discolorations and are sometimes linked to neurological disorders when they appear large in numbers and size. This new one is on her leg. Once again, the doc assured us not to worry, as they are also brought out by exposure to the sun. Whew! All that sunning in her new bikini I suppose.

Lucy is now the queen of the butt scoot. She has also perfected her downward facing dog pose. My little yoga baby! She has crawled, but still prefers to lunge, roll, and scoot. I am more than okay with that. She has the most amazing posture and kind of freaks me out when she goes to pull herself up into sitting position. She loves to stand and take steps (with help). Unfortunately with these new adventures, she is also more of a danger to herself. Just last week she was standing at the couch and got so excited she landed mouth first on the coffee table. Needless to say Mom was more freaked out than she was, (especially because there was blood) and the table has been moved out her path.

We finally finished her playroom this week and got the bookcase set up in her bedroom. We also moved the rocker into her bedroom. Needless to say, we've been a little behind. I'll get pictures posted soon. Originally the playroom was Natalie's room, then a guest room/Ted's room, then storage room, then treadmill room. I never thought I would be so happy to have it completed. We had it carpeted along with her bedroom, so leaving her on the floor isn't as much of an issue. Those darned hardwood floors! She has all her toys and play furniture in there along with plenty of storage and a loveseat for me. All that's missing now is a television (hint, hint)... She is so happy and content to play that I was able to read a book for the first time since she was born. I highly recommend The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards.

Oh, I almost forgot her stats from her appointment:
weight: 19.10 (75%)
height: 27 3/4 " (50%)
head circumference: 17 3/4 " (50%)

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Summertime...and the livins easy

Well - it has been a long time since the last post and we have been going nonstop for the past month. Here are a few teasers from our latest venture - the first long distance family vacation to LA for Destry and Corinne's wedding reception. No surprise that Lucy loved the water and had a great time with her new friends - and she acted like a well seasoned traveler who didn't even fuss on the plane.