Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Aliens III

I'm 37 and a half weeks, still feeling good. This child is quite comfortable, as evident by the video below. When she gets to moving like this, which is most of the time she's awake, I like to play the game, "Guess the Extremity". Aside from distinctly knowing where her bum is, I'm usually at a loss. At this point, knees, elbows, arms, legs, fingers and toes all feel just about the same, painful; but any mother-to-be can testify along with me that it is the best painful feeling in the world. I'm going to miss this when she's born.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

One post per season, apparently...

Sooooo, let me just go out on a limb here and say that I do not win any gold stars for blogging or picture taking. What I do get an award for is getting these pictures in chronological order, the first time around. So, yay me! This first set was taken towards the beginning of July. You'll notice that as the further down you scroll, the paler my children get. Hence the change in season. Poor kids got pale skin from both sides of the family.

This is what Charles and I call the "typical Zoe face". When she smiles, boy does she smile! It's quite contagious. I think it has to do with the combo eye squint/nose wrinkle.

Lucy and Zoe, such great sisters and friends. They love each other so much, that I sometimes wonder if they will view their new sister as an interloper. Side note: Do these girls look like twins to you? What is wrong with people? Anywhere and everywhere we go, I get asked if they are twins. Uh no, they are not.

This the end of July. I was told the my placenta previa had cleared, so my restrictions were lifted. We hit quite a few neighborhood parks until I started to bleed and was put back on low activity. End of story, although they couldn't pinpoint the source of the bleed, everything turned out fine. I think it was my body's way of telling me to slow down.

Another cute, random example of "typical Zoe face".

We've moved into August territory, the very, very tail end of August territory. And the only reason I know this is because this next set of pictures is from Lucy's birthday. Once again, for the third year running, Charles and I dropped the ball. We had every intention of throwing her a party, but just never got around to it. What a couple of slackers. At the very least, we've set the precedence in our favor, and none of our children will expect much when their birthdays roll around...

Lucy, my big three year old girl, started preschool in the middle of September. She gets to go four days a week for three hours a day. She loves it. Her favorite part is riding the school bus. In fact, I only have to mention the school bus most mornings and that is enough motivation to get her out of bed.

Zoe, sitting on the steps, quite forlorn after Lucy first stepped onto the bus with out her. She's much better these days, but for the first couple of weeks after Lucy started school, she was quite the pill. She really missed her sister, but has since learned that there is fun to be had as a singleton, if only for a few hours at a time.

Give these girls some books, a couple of lollipops, and Dora, and you get quiet. These three things are my saving grace. How did I get anything done before?

Lucy and Dad enjoying their one-on-one reading time.

Another thing I love about the end of summer? Three words: Liberty Fall Festival. I had been dreaming of jumbo sized corn dogs, kettle korn, funnel cake, and tropical snow ALL summer long. The Browns joined us for an evening of grease-laden treats, carneys, and over-priced (and quite scary) rides.

Don't Lucy and Kalani looked pumped up?

Self portrait time! Us girls had the tedious task of winding the strollers around the mobs of people, as well as watching said strollers while the Dads took their kids on rides.

Kevin and Kalani on the crazy-fast carousel. Seriously, that thing didn't have any belts or restraints to speak of and was moving at what appeared to be a break-neck speed. As the carousel was going round and round, the only thing I cold see was the flash of white coming from Charles' knuckles as he tried to keep Lucy seated. Of course, that didn't stop them from riding it again...

We went back for some more that Sunday afternoon, thinking it would be a bit less crowded. Wrong. It was so busy and hot, but the girls were troopers. I cannot say the same for Charles and myself. The things we do for our children.... Lucy loves carnivals. Can you tell?

Zoe, on the other had does not share the same feeling as Lucy. Can you tell?

The end of September. My happy girls. They are high chair dancing to whatever music is on. Zoe's got some sweet moves, but you can get a feel for my favorite of hers: the head crook/arm wave move.

I'll be 36 weeks on Saturday and am already 2 cm dilated (not that that means anything). I can't find the disc that has the baby's 3/D pictures on it. If I find it before she's actually born, I'll post some. She's got the same full lips as her sisters . She really looks quite a bit like Zoe, but we'll see. They change so much in the first few months. I'm still feeling good. Just the typical pregnancy things: Sore hips, fatique, indigestion. Nothing that the chiropractor, extra sleep, and TUMS can't fix. I also developed PUPPs again, but started a holistic treatment of dandelion root and flax seed oil. Where in the heck was this stuff with my last pregnancies? I'm still itchy, but the rash outbreaks are completely gone! I've also learned firsthand that restless leg syndrome can be combatted with extra folate. I don't have any belly pics, but will take some to post on the next blog. I don't feel that big, but for the last couple of months many, many people have asked or told me that a) "You look like you're about to pop!" b) "Are you sure not carrying twins?" c) "You've really dropped!"/"You're carrying low!" What is wrong with these people?

That's all for now! Hopefully I'll post again before the baby is born.