Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Piano Lessons

Charles and I were hoping to get Lucy into piano lessons early, we just didn't expect her to want to start this early. At least we'll know lessons will be affordable, if not cheap. If only her teacher was a little more qualified! I think Alison was teaching Lucy how to play "Chopsticks".

Easter Preview

Today, Vadsana and I went to the store (always a bad idea), and we got the girls matching Easter outfits. When we got back home, we had them try on their dresses. You know, just to make sure they fit. Well, they did and they all looked soooo adorable. I just had to take a picture. Ignore the tags, we didn't want to rip them off, just in case they had to be exchanged for different sizes. So, here is what they will look like on Easter Sunday, except maybe not so disheveled.

Lucy's dress came with bloomers to cover her diapers, cause a lady should never show her undies ; ) Maybe she should send Britney and La Lohan a pair... Here she is modeling her fancy pants. And just in case you can't see them well enough, the last two pictures should suffice.

Six Months Old Today!

Our little Goose is six months old today! I cannot believe how fast these last six months have flown. She is such a big girl now. She isn't crawling yet (thank goodness for me), but she sits up unassisted, rolls from side to side, and gibber-gabbers all day and night. She's riding in the baby seat of the shopping cart, and just yesterday sat in her stroller, facing out without her carseat installed. There's a whole new world from where she's sitting now. She is a people watcher and could beat anyone in a stare down. She is very content and mellow, and she's not a fan of loud noises. She loves to jump, and she loves to sing. Just a few days ago she really started perfecting her laugh. Mom and Dad were laughing about something, and she heard us and starting giggling. We laughed harder and she did too. It was funny. I wish we had it on video, but there is always time. All in all, the last six months have been wonderful and we have truly enjoyed watching her personality develop!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Family Visit

Lucy's Aunt Katie and Uncle Iain came to visit from Minnesota. Both were sweating profusely from the 40 degree weather on Sunday and Iain was considering wearing his 'out of season' bermuda shorts outside. Needless to say, Lucy turned on the charm and had them wrapped around her finger within 24 hours. She was so glad that they came down and is looking forward to seeing them again soon. Since Lucy hasn't had a b-m in a week, she had some lethal farts that caused her to get passed around frequently. I think she let one go right before this picture was taken.

After the photo shoot for the picture below, Lucy noted to her dad that Iain's biceps were 'considerably smaller' than her dad's and Iain seemed to suffer from bouts of weakness followed by moments of extreme wussiness. This is consistent with Charles' observation of Iain during childhood and basically up to this point. When probed of her thoughts of her Aunt Katie, Lucy noted that she was 'great' and is looking forward to spending more time with her. This interview was recorded during a diaper changing session but the recording was somehow misplaced and not available for reproduction.

Here is Lucy with Katie and the annoying toy Tad. Good thing Tad is about out of batteries and will not be getting recharged anytime soon. I will have to find a way to explain to Lucy that Tad made loud noises at inappropriate times and is now 'swimming with the fishes'. Maybe I should ask Lucy's Aunt Supavan (Suzanna Sue) since she is completing her PhD in psychology in a few months.

"Does this flower on my head make me look fat?"


Here is Lucy with her Grandpa. I guess there is a lot of competition for names and identities for grandparents given today's family structure...and the fact that we live in Missouri. When I was a kid, it was just Grandpa and Grandma - but now it is much more complicated. For example, there is Pa-Pa (pronounced paw-paw), O-Pa, G-money, Grandmaster Pa, The Dutch of Gramps, Grandizzle, and the like. Not to mention that we have gotten in the habit of giving close friends the moniker of 'Uncle' and 'Aunt'....but only if it is recriprocated. For instance, Lucy can call Shawn her Uncle Shawn, but only if his kids call me Uncle Charles. If it stops at any point, Lucy will need to be sent in for reprogramming...and if you don't have kids, you can forget about the title. But I digress - below is a picture of Lucy with her Grandpa Walter - which is not Lucy's 'best side' but still a good photo.

Thursday, February 15, 2007


Lucy's wants to wish everyone a belated Happy Valentine's Day with these two shots. She's ready for her close up. Don't tell Dad!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Joann's, Valentine's Day Party

Saturday morning Lucy and I met Jen and Preston at Joann's. Jen and I were looking for fabric for drapes, as well as fabric for "crafty stuff". We decided to document the children's first trip to crafter's heaven with these pictures. Just for the record, they did not cruise through the store sitting next to each other. This was actually my first attempt at putting Lucy into the child's seat of the shopping cart. She did well and seemed really impressed with the view.

Grandma Penn and the girls came up to visit with Lucy this past Saturday night. She brought Lucy a Valentine's Day present, a stuffed animal. It looks a little creepy in the picture, but it talks and it's tail actually wags. Super Cute! We all watched Over the Hedge and had a really nice visit.

Lucy hosted this week's playgroup and threw an early Valentine's Day party for all of her friends. In the picture below Lucy had just received her first ever Valentine's day gift. Preston gave Lucy and Mallory stuffed animals for the big day. At this age it's okay that they're non-exclusive. I guess Preston's still playing the field. The more boyfriends/girlfriends the better! It looks as though Preston doesn't want to let go of the gift he gave Mal. She doesn't look too happy about it either!

Every time we have a themed playgroup we dress the kids accordingly and try to get a picture. I can't wait for the day they all sit still and smile at the same time. Still, they're all pretty gosh darn cute. Left to Right: Preston, Lucy, Mal, Ethan, Zach, Oliver.

Lucy and I had a busy day today. We had a party and then cleaned up. Immediately afterwards we started dinner. Lucy's new thing is to sit in the kitchen in her high chair and play while I cook. I set her in the chair and turned around to turn the stove on. I looked back to check on her, and she was passed out. Poor baby wore herself out playing today. She has never, ever fallen asleep sitting up. I thought she looked so sweet sleeping and holding her glo-worm's hand that I had to take these pictures. She is so cute I just wanna pinch those cheeks!

Monday, February 05, 2007

Des Moines and Table Stretching

Lucy and I went on our first road trip this Saturday. She and I along with Emily, Mallory, Amy, and Vadsana (in Vadsana's spacious Honda Odyssey) made the trek up to Des Moines, Iowa for Miss Holly's (see link) bridal shower. I have to admit, I was a little worried about how the ride would be, but to my surprise and delight, Lucy was a wonderful passenger. Unfortunately I don't have any pictures from the trip, but we'll be headed up there in a few weeks for the wedding and we can get plenty of pictures then. Holly's sister, Amy and friend, Andrea planned a super-nice shower. We had a great time and were sooooo jealous of all of the cool gifts that Holly received!

These are the only new pictures that I've taken in the last week. With all of the sickness running rampant, I have not felt like being much of a photographer. The first is of Lucy in her exersaucer. She is the happiest baby; I think it is because she is so well fed, hence the double chin. The other two are of her playing on her changing table. Ever since she discovered her feet, she thinks that she is some kind of gymnast/contortionist. At least she knows how to get a good hamstring stretch in.