Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Easter Preview

Today, Vadsana and I went to the store (always a bad idea), and we got the girls matching Easter outfits. When we got back home, we had them try on their dresses. You know, just to make sure they fit. Well, they did and they all looked soooo adorable. I just had to take a picture. Ignore the tags, we didn't want to rip them off, just in case they had to be exchanged for different sizes. So, here is what they will look like on Easter Sunday, except maybe not so disheveled.

Lucy's dress came with bloomers to cover her diapers, cause a lady should never show her undies ; ) Maybe she should send Britney and La Lohan a pair... Here she is modeling her fancy pants. And just in case you can't see them well enough, the last two pictures should suffice.


Our Three Girls said...

Too Cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

amosclarkson said...

She's getting so big!! I love smiley babies...hopefully ours will be smiley,too!!

sarah k. said...

love the matching easter clothing. maybe sue will have a kid with me so our kids will wear matching clothes!