Sunday, June 29, 2008


Summer has officially begun, so we have been spending as much time playing outside as we can. Lucy's favorite toy of the season? The $1 inflatable pool ball from Dollar General. It will only be a matter of time before she realizes there are many more toys out there; toys with gadgets, and buttons, and wheels, so believe me when I say I am taking full advantage of the fact she is so easily and affordably amused.

Yes, those are hay bales in the background. Yes, we are country and we love it.

Unlike most children her age, Lucy prefers to run away from her friends.

Ah, sweet little Zoe. Last week we pulled out the good ole' exersaucer, also know in the Horton house by the names of poopersaucer and the throne. If Lucy had any, you know, issues, this contraption made sure the job got done. Fortunately for us, and quite possibly unfortunate for Zoe, it has not yet proven to have the same magical powers.

Zoe turned three months old last week. I love every minute I get to spend holding her and talking to her. This stage is just the beginning of the fun stuff. She belly laughs now and can really hold down her end of a conversation. She loves her sister, and yay for us, Lucy loves her just as much.

In an act of modesty, Zoe covers herself up with a blanket. The onsie was too small to button and her mother refused to redress her. Lazy woman! Our voluptuous girl is now wearing 12 month clothing. So, basically, everything you saw on Lucy one year ago will make its second debut here on our blog via Zoe.

Charles trying to teach Lucy how to intentionally kick the ball. She was more more interested in grabbing his arm. I don't think we have future soccer star on our hands.

Natalie threw her fiance a birthday party this weekend and to celebrate they broke out the slip and slide. Here is Lucy making sure to properly introduce herself. Also being the top notch parent I am, I made sure to leave Lucy's bathing suit at home, nice and dry in her top drawer. Thank you Mallory for loaning us an outfit to ride home in.

Big Mama Zoe loves her cousin Kalani. She is such mother hen already; so affectionate and attentive and protective.

Papa Walter and his girls.

More outdoor fun on the slide (nevermind the bloomers).

And always a favorite, the swing.

Monday, June 16, 2008

This Week's Happenings

Last weekend Grandma and Great Grandma came to visit. You could safely say that Zoe enjoyed the visit.

Tuesday while Sue stayed at home, hoping to go into labor, the girls decided to test drive some of their soon-to-be cousin's stuff.

Comfy lap... check.

Working high chair... check

Quick parent tip: As much as you teach your children things, you can really learn much more from them. The lesson that Lucy taught me that Tuesday afternoon? When left to their own accord, you can't trust a twenty one month old to not bathe themself in barbecue sauce... and enjoy it.

Working swing... check

Mini rocking chair that rocks... check

When I got home that afternoon I received these lovely flowers in the mail from my husband, the best husband EVER. The reason you ask? No reason, as the card stated, "Just because."

Wednesday after playgroup the girls were sacked out. Zoe doses on the couch...

While the contortionist snoozes in the bedroom. The one hour their naps overlap in the afternoon is my favorite time of the day.

Thursday we hung out at the hospital for a bit before Sue's labor kicked up. Last minute practice.

Grandpa and Grandma hanging out in the waiting room on Thursday evening.

We didn't get to see Sue on Thursday night because they had her in recovery until late, and we only saw baby Kalani through the nursery window, so here we are visiting them on Friday afternoon. I may be a little biased, but my nephew is gorgeous. He has the most beautiful, thick head of hair. He also has his Momma's hands and feet. Right now I think he looks like an Asian Kevin, but babies' features change so much in the first year.

Proud Papa and his little boy

The girls were awesome during our many visits to the hospital. Lucy has always been a pretty self-entertained kid, but she kicked it up a notch. Give that girl a curtain and she'll play for hours, and like it. So strange.

Zoe is quickly outgrowing this thing, but thanks to Lucy I feel rest assured that she will fit into it for at least another eight pounds. See below.

Yep, that's her new thing. Cramming her toddler-sized body into anything that is specifically made for an infant. The carrier, the Bumbo, the Swing, the papasan. She's laid claim to everything she has outgrown that we've brought back out for her sister. Even if we put the said items out of the way, she manages to get into them. I hope that this isn't something she'll carry into adulthood...

Monday, June 09, 2008

Baby Kisses, New Ride, and Road Trip

Going in for the kill...

Proof that Lucy really does love her sister.

We've been debating a double stroller now for months and months. Did we want one that housed the infant carrier? Did we want it tandem or side by side? What about a double jogger or the sit and stand? The options seemed overwhelming, especially because these bad boys can cost anywhere from $100 to $400. We wanted to get one that would last us for years to come, or at least until Lucy figures out the buckles and tray release.

Our decision became a little less complex when we realized that Zoe won't be in her carrier for too much longer. The weight capacity on it is 22 pounds, and our two month old is now 17 pounds. Also, after assessing my current level of physical fitness (or lack thereof), I came to the conclusion that jogging won't be anywhere in my near or distant future. Last week we killed two birds with one stone when Charles happened upon a website whose Britax convertibles were on sale. After perusing the rest of the sale items we found this beauty for 50% off. Both items were a steal with free tax and shipping. After being cooped up in the house only able to take the girls to places with shopping carts, I have a renewed sense of freedom!

Friday afternoon we took our first road trip as a family of four. One of Charles' best friends Will (see Willy's page) was getting married down at the lake. So we packed two suitcases, the double stroller, travel swing, portable DVD player, and cooler full of snacks for our one night trip. It was fun getting out of town, if only for 24 hours.

Lucy's latest thing is to walk and jump all over any bed she can climb up on. The problem? Our 20 month old toddler's depth perception is nil and she tends to fall on the floor. As soon as she stands up, either Charles or I say (in the most stern voice possible) "Sit your butt down!" Like any of our other disciplinary tactics, this one works only half the time. Here she is being completely defiant.

The best part of staying at a hotel is that there is usually a pool. Lucy has always loved to "swim" and is completely fearless in the water. After the storms rolled through Friday evening they reopened the pool and we suited up the girls. This is about how far Zoe made it into the water. Getting dressed is hard work and she fell asleep as soon as we headed down. Lucy on the other hand had a blast. She is our little water baby.

Happy Family! What do you think of girls' matching outfits as well as Lucy's gladiator sandals (courtesy of Grandma Penn)? That child has better shoe wardrobe than Charles or me, and that's saying a lot!

The beautiful bride and groom. The ceremony was waterfront and the view breathtaking. We had a great time and were happy to take part in witnessing their vows. Congratulations Will and Laura!