Monday, June 16, 2008

This Week's Happenings

Last weekend Grandma and Great Grandma came to visit. You could safely say that Zoe enjoyed the visit.

Tuesday while Sue stayed at home, hoping to go into labor, the girls decided to test drive some of their soon-to-be cousin's stuff.

Comfy lap... check.

Working high chair... check

Quick parent tip: As much as you teach your children things, you can really learn much more from them. The lesson that Lucy taught me that Tuesday afternoon? When left to their own accord, you can't trust a twenty one month old to not bathe themself in barbecue sauce... and enjoy it.

Working swing... check

Mini rocking chair that rocks... check

When I got home that afternoon I received these lovely flowers in the mail from my husband, the best husband EVER. The reason you ask? No reason, as the card stated, "Just because."

Wednesday after playgroup the girls were sacked out. Zoe doses on the couch...

While the contortionist snoozes in the bedroom. The one hour their naps overlap in the afternoon is my favorite time of the day.

Thursday we hung out at the hospital for a bit before Sue's labor kicked up. Last minute practice.

Grandpa and Grandma hanging out in the waiting room on Thursday evening.

We didn't get to see Sue on Thursday night because they had her in recovery until late, and we only saw baby Kalani through the nursery window, so here we are visiting them on Friday afternoon. I may be a little biased, but my nephew is gorgeous. He has the most beautiful, thick head of hair. He also has his Momma's hands and feet. Right now I think he looks like an Asian Kevin, but babies' features change so much in the first year.

Proud Papa and his little boy

The girls were awesome during our many visits to the hospital. Lucy has always been a pretty self-entertained kid, but she kicked it up a notch. Give that girl a curtain and she'll play for hours, and like it. So strange.

Zoe is quickly outgrowing this thing, but thanks to Lucy I feel rest assured that she will fit into it for at least another eight pounds. See below.

Yep, that's her new thing. Cramming her toddler-sized body into anything that is specifically made for an infant. The carrier, the Bumbo, the Swing, the papasan. She's laid claim to everything she has outgrown that we've brought back out for her sister. Even if we put the said items out of the way, she manages to get into them. I hope that this isn't something she'll carry into adulthood...


Tiffany said...

Okay, the day I get my husband to send me flowers "just because" I may just pass out. Heck, the day he sends me flowers for ANYTHING, I may just pass out.

Congrats on becoming an aunt again, I love being an aunt almost as much as being a Mom. Savannah did the same thing with the curtains when we were at the hospital, I don't get it. She also sits in Maddie's bumbo, don't get that one either. She throws a fit when she can't get out of it...

And lastly, how in the world did you get Zoe to fall asleep on the couch like that! Jealous. We're still having problems getting the little one to fall asleep. Sigh, she'll outgrow it...right??

Sarah & Scott said...

ha! i love the post. first of all...SO SWEET of Charles! you should tell him he is in serious good graces with all the blog viewers. second, i loved seeing you at the hospital - and i was extremely impressed with Miss Zoe's size. I think she has trumped Tatum at that age, and I'm not sure anyone thought that was possible! :)


amosclarkson said...

Lucy is too cute in all the pictures...Zoe is too, of course, Lucy is just showing off her little personality :) Charles is a sweetie and I'm sure you've already told him that everyone thinks so :)

Brian said...

Lucy looks hilarious in the picture where she is passed out on the bed. Looks like she was flying around the room and just crashed into the bed! I love it.

Zoe is a big baby - that is awesome. You gotta love the big babies, although in your case, Zoe should be bigger then you in a couple of months so she might get tougher to carry. It all evens out in the end!

Love the posts they always crack me up.

Our Three Girls said...

Your kids are so cute...and hilarious! Tatum was a chunk, too...I'll have to get the baby book out and check how they measure up!

Tourtillot Family said...

Your nephew is so cute! I love the pictures of the girls at Sue's house trying out the baby equipment. How much longer do you have before you need to get another car seat?

The Mom of 'em said...

AGAIN I have to say you have THE most adorable kids! Love your nephew's name - beautiful. LOVE that swing - so cute!

Now - about the Bachelorette. Sean= gag/puke/gross/redneck/momma's boy. I'm SOOOO glad she gave him the boot. We all knew Twilley's days were numbered...really surprised she kept him so long. I think he's probably a really good guy...but WIERD! Here's how I want it to go down (since Fred is gone - still upset about that). Ok - anyay....1. Jason 2. Graham How it probably will go down: 1. Graham 2. Icky Jeremy 3. Jason

And..I'm really sick of her saying "it's really breaking my heart right now"