Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Six Months Old Today!

Our little Goose is six months old today! I cannot believe how fast these last six months have flown. She is such a big girl now. She isn't crawling yet (thank goodness for me), but she sits up unassisted, rolls from side to side, and gibber-gabbers all day and night. She's riding in the baby seat of the shopping cart, and just yesterday sat in her stroller, facing out without her carseat installed. There's a whole new world from where she's sitting now. She is a people watcher and could beat anyone in a stare down. She is very content and mellow, and she's not a fan of loud noises. She loves to jump, and she loves to sing. Just a few days ago she really started perfecting her laugh. Mom and Dad were laughing about something, and she heard us and starting giggling. We laughed harder and she did too. It was funny. I wish we had it on video, but there is always time. All in all, the last six months have been wonderful and we have truly enjoyed watching her personality develop!

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sarah k. said...

i love the blog explosion on your site! i know i say this every time, but lucy is so so precious and beautiful. just like her mom.