Monday, February 12, 2007

Joann's, Valentine's Day Party

Saturday morning Lucy and I met Jen and Preston at Joann's. Jen and I were looking for fabric for drapes, as well as fabric for "crafty stuff". We decided to document the children's first trip to crafter's heaven with these pictures. Just for the record, they did not cruise through the store sitting next to each other. This was actually my first attempt at putting Lucy into the child's seat of the shopping cart. She did well and seemed really impressed with the view.

Grandma Penn and the girls came up to visit with Lucy this past Saturday night. She brought Lucy a Valentine's Day present, a stuffed animal. It looks a little creepy in the picture, but it talks and it's tail actually wags. Super Cute! We all watched Over the Hedge and had a really nice visit.

Lucy hosted this week's playgroup and threw an early Valentine's Day party for all of her friends. In the picture below Lucy had just received her first ever Valentine's day gift. Preston gave Lucy and Mallory stuffed animals for the big day. At this age it's okay that they're non-exclusive. I guess Preston's still playing the field. The more boyfriends/girlfriends the better! It looks as though Preston doesn't want to let go of the gift he gave Mal. She doesn't look too happy about it either!

Every time we have a themed playgroup we dress the kids accordingly and try to get a picture. I can't wait for the day they all sit still and smile at the same time. Still, they're all pretty gosh darn cute. Left to Right: Preston, Lucy, Mal, Ethan, Zach, Oliver.

Lucy and I had a busy day today. We had a party and then cleaned up. Immediately afterwards we started dinner. Lucy's new thing is to sit in the kitchen in her high chair and play while I cook. I set her in the chair and turned around to turn the stove on. I looked back to check on her, and she was passed out. Poor baby wore herself out playing today. She has never, ever fallen asleep sitting up. I thought she looked so sweet sleeping and holding her glo-worm's hand that I had to take these pictures. She is so cute I just wanna pinch those cheeks!


Anonymous said...

How ADORABLE!!!! Lucy will always be Preston's first love!!! I hope she liked the gift and her daddy didn't get too mad!


Anonymous said...

oh my gosh, they are so cute da!
I am so sad I dont get to come up and see you guys tomorrrow. Lucy is growing so much, I am so glad you have this blog so I dont get to miss out on her! Love you all

HollyBids said...

I love 'em all :) You guys are definitely helping me get my baby fix until we're ready for one of our own! :)