Monday, June 11, 2007

Minnesota Pics...At Last

About two and a half weeks ago we took our second trip of the season, this one by car. As well as Lucy traveled by plane we were still a little apprehensive of the six and a half hour drive up north. We hit the road about 10 AM and stopped only three times for bathroom breaks, food, and gas. Amazingly, we made it in record time and Lucy was a superstar. We spent the first two nights with Iain and Katie and the last night with Grandma J and Grandpa Dave. Charles and I had a great time, as did Lucy. The weekend went by much too quickly. We hope to make it back before the fall.

Saturday morning Auntie and Uncle Ralph had us all over for a delicious lunch and the "dessert of the day"...strawberry shortcake! Grandpa Dean and Cousin Stacy came by for the visit. Lucy really took to her Grandpa and loved sitting on his lap. After lunch we went for a walk and Lucy got the see the home that her Great Grandma and Grandpa Horton lived in. After the wonderful visit, we made our way over to Ikea. We spent almost three hours there, and it hardly felt like time passed at all. After purchasing a bookcase, kids' table, and chair, we squeezed (barely) into the car. I wish we would have rented a U-haul because I could have filled that thing up.

We spent Saturday evening with Iain and Katie, dining on a scrumdiddlyumptious dinner at Kabobbi's. Afterwards we took a drive and got to meet one of Charles' coworkers and his family. After a very long, full day of visits, shopping, and introductions, we made our way back to the house. Lucy, Katie, and I wisely decided to crash. The boys stayed up playing video games til the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday morning I met up with one of my bestest buds, Jasper. She recently relocated from Iowa to the cities, and we figured it was a great opportunity to catch up. We coffeed at Starbucks and much to my surprise and delight, we take our lattes the exact same way, except she likes her without foam and "not too, too hot". Right, Jasper?

Sunday afternoon we all headed down to Grandma's for a BBQ. The weather was wonderful; blue skies, sunny and warm. We took advantage and lounged on the deck, all the while visiting with family we don't get to see often enough. Lucy especially loved this part of the vacation because Grandma J and Grandpa Dave have two small dogs. Everytime Lucy saw one she squealed in delight. I think that she was missing Ted. Funny enough, she has proved to be a "dog person". Everytime the cat came around, Lucy would get scared and cry. We stayed up late looking at old pictures of the boys. One of these days I'm going to scan and post them. Monday morning we were on the road early and got home just in time to pick Ted up from the kennel.


Our Three Girls said...

We are going to reunion on could Lucy give Rowan a crash course in roadtripping? Rowan's not so hppy once she hits the carseat!

Anonymous said...

Hi there... so glad you all had such wonderful trips and made it home safely! And despite a couple scares, it sounds like everyone is happy and healthy. Thanks for the update. We miss you!!

Sue and Kevin

Jasper said...

CUUUUUUUUTE! Both of yous!!!:) It was soooooo fabulous to see you, my friend. And see bebe Lucy, whilst she is still a "baby." Besos!!