Friday, June 08, 2007

Quick Update

We still haven't posted any pictures from Minnesota, but they're in the works. Last Tuesday Lucy had her nine month checkup (shot free-yeah!). Everything looked good, and she seems to be progressing normally. Stranger and separation anxiety are at an all time high, which really bothered her come time for the doc to check her out. We spoke with him about the next round of immunizations and their correlation to autism. He assured us that she would be fine and gave us some great websites to read up on so we would feel more at ease. Other than those things we discovered a new cafe au lait spot. They are small skin discolorations and are sometimes linked to neurological disorders when they appear large in numbers and size. This new one is on her leg. Once again, the doc assured us not to worry, as they are also brought out by exposure to the sun. Whew! All that sunning in her new bikini I suppose.

Lucy is now the queen of the butt scoot. She has also perfected her downward facing dog pose. My little yoga baby! She has crawled, but still prefers to lunge, roll, and scoot. I am more than okay with that. She has the most amazing posture and kind of freaks me out when she goes to pull herself up into sitting position. She loves to stand and take steps (with help). Unfortunately with these new adventures, she is also more of a danger to herself. Just last week she was standing at the couch and got so excited she landed mouth first on the coffee table. Needless to say Mom was more freaked out than she was, (especially because there was blood) and the table has been moved out her path.

We finally finished her playroom this week and got the bookcase set up in her bedroom. We also moved the rocker into her bedroom. Needless to say, we've been a little behind. I'll get pictures posted soon. Originally the playroom was Natalie's room, then a guest room/Ted's room, then storage room, then treadmill room. I never thought I would be so happy to have it completed. We had it carpeted along with her bedroom, so leaving her on the floor isn't as much of an issue. Those darned hardwood floors! She has all her toys and play furniture in there along with plenty of storage and a loveseat for me. All that's missing now is a television (hint, hint)... She is so happy and content to play that I was able to read a book for the first time since she was born. I highly recommend The Memory Keeper's Daughter by Kim Edwards.

Oh, I almost forgot her stats from her appointment:
weight: 19.10 (75%)
height: 27 3/4 " (50%)
head circumference: 17 3/4 " (50%)


Tiffany said...

Aaw Lucy! Savannah fell flat on her back from the couch the other night. Scared the poop out of me. No fun.

You have given me hope that one day Savannah will indeed crawl, or at least become mobile!

Jealous of the playroom. I wish we had a place other than our living room for toys :\

Our Three Girls said...

Sounds like Lucy is doing great! She is so grown up...and big enough to have her own playroom!

sarah koehler said...

i have to concur about lucy's amazing posture. it is quite impressive! i think i need to take lessons from lucy. i remember at genghis khan, i looked across the table, and lucy was sitting up tall like a supermodel, while i slumped over lazily to slurp my wine. (which was delicious, i might add) love, sarah

Anonymous said...

Great blog Da----- I love all the pictures, Lucy certainly is growing! Also we were very glad to hear of your wonderful news! Hope all is well. I have put dear Ted on the prayer chain---I pray Sunday nights with a group of ladies from-Kasson Church of Christ, and they have a direct line to God! No kidding Happy birthday again---you and Charles look very happy! Stay cool! Love Judy