Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The World's Worst Blogger

As indicated by the picture below, I had a birthday. Don't I look thrilled? By the way, I am much older than one. My family came over, and everyone brought a different delicious dish. We had such a good time hanging out. I received some good gifts too!

The grandparents and youngest grandbabies. This is Lucy's new version of her faux-hawk. It's getting much longer on top, so I call it the "Kewpie-do".

Me and Sue reading my very nice and sappy birthday cards.

A different day, but the same happy baby. She still loves to play "Where's Lucy?" with the blanket. This is her Mother Teresa impersonation.

The "Where's Lucy" game goes something like this: Us to Lucy with the blanket over her head: "Where's Lucy? Where's Lucy?" Lucy the pulls the blanket off her head. Us to Lucy: "There she is!" We all giggle and repeat, and repeat, and repeat... You get the idea.

In reference to the blog title, I have no idea how old this picture is. I believe it was taken right after the last post. I try to blog often. I really do. It's just I get sidetracked when I get on the computer. Anywho, here are my two kids. At least one was smiling for the picture.

Grandma Penn and Goose. What a pair!

Great Grandma Maly and Lucy. I love this picture.

For those of you who might not believe it, here Lucy is eating baby food. She doesn't love it, but she tolerates it.

Caught red-handed! Here is something that Lucy loves (shocking, I know). But really, who doesn't like icecream? I hope it won't be another two and a half weeks before the next post. We'll see. Wish me luck! P.S. Lucy now has five teeth! She's getting big so fast!


Anonymous said...

hahahahahah Mother Theresea impression - LOVE IT!
Oh and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! You don't look a day over 1 ;)
I love Ted smiling for the pic too. You just made my morning

Miss all you guys - I'll see you when Eli's born I'm sure!


Our Three Girls said...

Happy Birthday...a little late! Every since I started working full-time I can't remember anything! I love the pictures. They make me miss you guys a lot. This is kind of sad since you live half an hour away!
Talk to you soon!

amosclarkson said...

Happy Birthday, Da. This makes you how many??? Lucy is looking cute as's been awhile since I've seen you guys. We need to do something...maybe you, me and Emily (& the little ones, of course) should meet up for something sometime soon...before Mr. Eli arrives!!

Tiffany said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Lucy is precious, she even made Savannah giggle :)

Baby Preston said...

I love Peek a Boo....what an awesome game....hope we can play soon...Missed you this week! Master P

sarah k. said...

happy birthday! haven't seen or chatted with you in forever and i am right up the street from you 8 hours a day. i'm so bad! :( miss you!

Anonymous said...

How come no comment on the fact that Adam got stung by a bee? Cute pictures of babies will get people to the site, but it's these kinds of hard-hitting human interest angles that keeps them coming back.