Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Our little girl turned the big one yesterday. This past year has flown with such an amazing speed that I'm afraid if I blink, she'll be going off to college. That being said, I have truly enjoyed every moment motherhood has had to offer. Well, okay maybe not ALL of the crying, but most of it. She has been such a gift and a blessing. I am amazed at the capacity of love I have to give her, and it only grows stronger everyday.

Lucy loves any dessert, especially cake. I have heard of parents that wait to give their children sweets until the first birthday. I personally do not know any of them, but I am sure of their exsistence. I will say for allergy reasons we introduced dessert early. Instead of the three day window to watch for reactions, we went with six months instead.


Tiffany said...

OMG that first picture of Lucy is SO great. Savannah's jealous of the pigtails!

Happy Birthday to Lucy!

Our Three Girls said...

Happy Birthday, Lucy! What a cutie! I love the pigtails! I hope that this birthday was just a start to all the great birthdays to come. I agree, Da...I blinked once and my baby is in 1st grade! Love ya!

Micah and Beth said...

Happy Birthday Lucy!!! You should be glad I don't see you that often, b/c I'd probably smother you with kisses all the time...that's what you get for being so cute!

Holly said...

Happy bday Lucy!! Yahoo! Getting cuter by the day too. Tell your mommy to update more often than every few weeks! ;)

April & Alisha said...

Lucy I can't believe you are 1 already...you are going to be running marathons by the time we see you again. Much love to you and your parents.

sarah k. said...

okay, lucy's hairstyle is killin' me softly! i love it! soo cute!

sarah k.