Sunday, January 13, 2008

Compare and Contrast

Saturday Charles and I got to see our sweet Baby's face for the first time. We did the same thing with Lucy, and I think knowing what to expect made the visit that much more exciting and enjoyable. Boy, is she cute. See for yourself...

Unfortunately, our little one is a bit stubborn and "camera shy". She failed to understand the dollar value of a good hour and a half long 3-D/4-D ultrasound and spent the majority of the ninety minutes with her feet, hands, and umbilical cord on or near her face. No amount of poking, prodding, begging, bribing, bathroom breaking, or position changing (mine that is, not hers) urged her to move the tent of extremities she used to shield her face. Although, she can't communicate with sound yet, the message here is loud and clear. Just like her father, she is good at demonstrating strong nonverbal skills. Although, he's usually in the car...

Here we have both Lucy and Baby's 29 week ultrasound pictures. Both girls are making similar "kissy" faces. Lucy's picture is first. They both have their Dad's full lips and Mom's itty, bitty chin.

The only differentiator: Baby's super chipmunk cheeks. I already want to pinch em'!

Lucy's feet: Just like Dad's with the toes making a perfect staircase. Normal looking toes as my sister Sue so eloquently puts it. She has a slight arch, which does not come from the Asian side of her genes. Flat applied to many parts of my body pre-pregnancy... What puberty didn't take care of, pregnancy finally has!

Baby's feet: Poor baby, flat as can be with the second toe slightly longer than the first... just like Mom's. (Spoken to my unborn child:) Sorry for the wonky feet, kid. You'll learn that even though they are not the most attractive, they are definitely functional. Hey, life's about finding the silver lining, right?

For those of you blog readers that don't actually like to read, either close the window or proceed with caution. There are no more pictures. You've been warned.

Good news for those of you holding your breath in suspense and wonderment, I passed my glucose test like a champ, as well as the anemia screening. I, like you, was concerned about both due to my previous testing history, but everything turned out well and I couldn't be more relieved.

Lucy is even more fun and crazy these days. She is getting so big and tall. Just in the last few weeks, we've been noticing that every time we dress her she looks as if she's prepared for a flood. Time for some new pants. Eating is still a challenge; thank the Lord for Pediasure. She's talking much more these days. I think it's due to the fact we hardly ever give her the binky anymore. Without the cork, she's quite the chatterbox. Go figure!

Baby is active, active, active! I'm telling you, the girl is always on the move. Sometime soon I'll post video of her kneeing and elbowing me. It's pretty extreme. Saturday the ultrasound technician even commented on how she could teach fetal anatomy with my belly. Sleep is an after thought these days. With the baby constantly in motion and my hips constantly slipping out of joint, I just can't seem to get comfortable. Ah, the joys of pregnancy and the sacrifices we mothers make for our children. (Can hear the violins playing in the background?)

Speaking of pregnancy, my sister has finally joined the blogging world. Check it out in the link section under Supavan and Kevin. She'll have her first ultrasound next Friday and we'll see if the Khamphakdy side will ever have a grandson! She and Kevin are our only hope.

Also, one of my best friends and her husband, Amy and Adam, are pregnant with twins! Now I'm waiting for them to start a blog (hint, hint). Baby A is a boy and as of right now, Baby B is shy. Twice the fun and twice the love. Congrats, you guys!


amosclarkson said...

Love the 3D fun to compare to Lucy! I, too, hope that Sue is having a boy....Eli needs a buddy in this group!

Holly said...

Oooh love those 3D pics too! Your blog always makes me chuckle, you and Charles should write comedy for sitcoms (they're probably hiring right now w/ all the other writers being on strike ;)
Which Amy and Adam? Amy Wilke?

Tiffany said...

Chubby Cheeks, gotta love 'em. You need to convince my husband that we HAVE to have a 3D done again.

Our Three Girls said...

I love the pictures! How exciting! Can't wait to meet her! Love you, guys!

Brian said...

That orange blob is the spitting image of her mother (if her mother were an orange blob).

Kevin and Supavan said...

She is beautiful! I can tell she will have her own look but will be just as pretty as little Lucy!

April & Alisha said...

Wow! technology is amazing! i do love those chubby cheeks. So Amy Wiltse is having twins??? That's really exciting.