Friday, February 29, 2008


Let me preface this post by stating: I have been threatened bodily harm by numerous people (who shall remain anonymous) to update. Yes, it have been a while, but in my defense, I am nine months pregnant. So there.

I never, ever carry my camera around, so I have been begging anyone and everyone to send me pictures. My pleas were heard by my good friend Lacy. Aside from the last two pictures, she supplied the rest. So, those of you rejoicing in this new post, thank her.

Valentine's Day was quite uneventful. Well it was for Charles and I anyway. Lucy exchanged cards with her playgroup the Wednesday before. I think she was sad that she had to share her Valentine dates with Mallory. She is very good at "expressing" her feelings.

The following week at playgroup Lucy decided that it would be fun to sit in the cat's water bowl. She was drenched from butt to back. Thankfully, our gracious hosts were kind enough to lend us an outfit to wear home. I'm not much for hunting, but I think that Lucy is contemplating her future in the game industry.

This week at playgroup we celebrated Zach and Ethan's birthdays. I can't believe they are both two years old. How quickly they grow (sniff, sniff). Like mother, like daughter; Lucy and I stuffing birthday cake into our faces.

While the rest of the brood ran around playing, Lucy decided the morning was best spent in on the couch watching television. Shocking, I know.

After most of the group left, and the only walkers remaining were Lucy, Ethan, and Zach, Lucy decided it was time to play. I have never seen her more animated before. She was really in her element rough housing with the boys. All that wrestling with Charles has really paid off. That girl can hold her own, and amazingly she walked away with only a single bruise.

Both pictures are me at 36 weeks, but the first is with Lucy, the second was taken two days ago. I think that I am bigger the second time around. I definitely feel bigger. I'm going to the doctor every week now. It kind of seems like a waste of time. I was weighed and measured, the doctor asked if I had any questions (I said "no"), I rescheduled for next week, and then I left. If they weren't checking the baby's heartbeat I would say the visits would be entirely pointless.

I had been having a lot of pressure, so at my 35 week appointment, the doctor checked me. My cervix is softening and thinning, but not too much to be alarmed, and the baby's head is already snugly in place (which would explain the pressure and constant trips to the bathroom). I don't anticipate this girl making an early debut, but you never know. I can already tell you she is prepping me for the late night feedings. For the last two weeks, I have been making middle of the night trips to the bathroom at midnight, two, four, and six. That I can handle, it's the constant kicking and jabbing and boxing that I find more or less annoying/painful. Don't get me wrong, I do love all the movement, but my uterus is about the size of a New York city apartment.


Baby Preston said...

The V-Day pic is my favorite!! Also, why is it that every Pregnant woman I know (that takes belly shots) ALWAYS cuts off their heads in the photo????? I don't get it!

Micah and Beth said...

I have never seen such a big belly on such a tiny frame. YOu are tooo cute as a pregnant woman. In fact, if I looked like you, I'd consider being pregnant a lot. Lucy is a crack up...I love the first picture with her on the floor. I love your sense of humor about it even more. Too funny!

amosclarkson said...

You're almost there! I remember feeling the same way about the last few doc appointments but also felt reassured each time I went. Although I wasn't threatening you, I enjoy the updates ;)

Our Three Girls said...

Look at the belly!!!!!! It's almost time. Very exciting! Thanks for the Lucy updates. She always cracks me up!

Sarah & Scott said...

you are doing great - really hanging in there! i bet lucy doesn't even realize that she is about to meet her future best friend in just a few weeks! :)

love you!

April & Alisha said...

look at that belly! You are a trooper! I love the pic of lucy on the floor. That girl cracks me up!

Tiffany said...

You poor thing, I unfortunately feel your pain!

I think Lucy has a career as a drill sergeant in her future...I for one wouldn't want to make her mad!