Saturday, May 10, 2008

I know, I know.

Miss Zoe had her first non-well baby visit last Wednesday. A few weeks ago she started projectile vomiting after her afternoon feed. I assumed it was due to the fact the girl has no concept of satiety. She is just like Charles and me, except when we eat until we're stuffed we don't vomit, we just sit around whining about how uncomfortable we are. The frequency increased and soon both Zoe and I had to be completely covered in order to sit down for a feeding. She was always content afterwards and never cried or seemed upset, so I wasn't too worried, but in order to be safe, we took her in. Not only did she catch the horrible cold Miss Lucy was kind enough to pass on to the entire family, but she has reflux. The doctor classified her a "happy spitter". So now, three times a day the poor child has to take liquid Zantac. The bad news is she does not enjoy it and getting her to nurse afterwards has been tricky. The good news is she hasn't vomited once since she started her meds, so hooray for Zoe!

Better news, even fighting a cold and reflux this girl hasn't been lacking nutrients. Our baby now weighs 15 lbs 3 oz! Can you say BEEFCAKE ?!? She officially peaked on the growth scale at 100%. Let me remind you all she is only 6 weeks old.

Big sister, little sister. Not sure which is which, but aren't they cute? It's taken a while but, Lucy has really come around and has been such a great big sister. When Zoe and I go pick her up from nursery school Lucy either runs over to Zoe and gives her kisses (big wet slobbery, snotty, germ spreading kisses, but hey, it's a start) or she rocks the carrier. She is so loving.

And she's already a great teacher. See how she's pointing the camera out to Zoe? Either that or they're planning their attack on me. Check out Zoe's muscle-man bicep curl. I'd hate to be on the receiving end of that...


Sarah & Scott said...

the pics of the girls are so sweet - and let me just say: your children are gorgeous. just gorgeous. you should be proud. you and charles are a good baby-making team. and i love zoe's little chubb bracelets on her arms. i still have them, although i wouldn't really recommend it at 30. people look at you funny.

love you.

amosclarkson said...

Sorry to hear about the reflux, no fun. Love the pictures...cute as always!