Sunday, July 20, 2008


The last couple of weeks have been pretty uneventful, unless you count the summer cold that both children were lucky enough to catch as well as the recent development of serious tantrums (from Lucy, not Charles). Man, if I thought your ears wouldn't bleed, I would post video of Lucy's last half hour scream-fest complete with self-induced vomiting and leg kicking. In case you were wondering, she was not too thrilled when I whipped out the camera. I figure that thirty second clip will come in handy the day she decides to bring her first boyfriend home.

Late last week Sue and I planned a Mom's and Grandma/Great Grandma's Day Out. Our Grandma has lived here for over twenty years and had not been to either the Temple or the Truman House. We started off at the Temple and took a tour. We had a delightfully entertaining septuagenarian tour guide named Elenor that repeatedly called Lucy "lover". Hysterical.

We had quite a parking and timing fiasco before our tour of the Truman house (hence the lack of pictures). I was a bit stressed and TO'ed but Sue handled the situation very authoritatively. She managed to finagle us a tour in between two other scheduled tours with an off-duty guide. Impressive.

I didn't realize that Zoe would be such a huge fan of the Temple.

A random bathtub picture to show everyone that Zoe has slimmed down. I think it's because she's gotten quite tall. No matter though. She's still meaty; just how we like em'.

Last Saturday Zoe and I went to Sarah and Scott's for their baby shower. Addie and Zoe got a chance to hang out. Checking each other out...

A kiss...

And a hug!

Lucy modeling her new dress. Thank you April and Alisha! Charles and I decided that instead of taking away Lucy's binky, we're going to wean her. That means only during bedtime, nap time, and (for my sanity) tantrum time. She does well enough, but we've come to the realization that if she doesn't have her pacifier she's going to use her thumb. Both drive me absolutely crazy. For now I think the pacifier might just be the lesser of the two evils. I don't know. Talk to me when that orthodontic bill comes.

Zoe enjoys watching Playhouse Disney from the comfort of her exersaucer. She gets really into it. I don't know whether I should rejoice or be concerned. For the time being, I'm just grateful for the distraction. It can be difficult to get much done with two under two.

Every night we try to get our fitness on. While a leisurely walk may not seem like the best workout, it sure kicks my butt, and hams, and calves. It may be the temps in the triple digits, the crazy hills in our neighborhood, or the weight of both kids and stroller. Just maybe.

When Lucy isn't in the midst of a tantrum, she is lovely. I adore her, and I love hanging out with her. She is entertaining. She is funny. She is sweet. She can be absolutely captivating. Hey, I'm supposed to feel this way, I'm her Mom.

Lucy likes to live on the wild side. She must be high from the fumes those things emit.

They look sweet, don't they? Don't let them fool you. They're so over taking their afternoon nap at the same time. In fact, Lucy is over naps entirely. This happened Monday, and she hasn't given Mommy any "Sanity-Gathering Time" since.


Our Three Girls said...

Oh my goodness! Those girls are so cute! You are such a good mama. I know the feeling of being frustrated with the kids & the loads of energy that they take while at the same time knowing that I wouldn't want to be anywhere but with them. Being a mom is the BEST!

Charles Horton said...

You can destroy the video because Lucy is not going to bring a boyfriend home....ever....and I don't think they allow boyfriends in the convent.

Tourtillot Family said...

I have to say I love Zoe's chubby thighs, how cute! I was a thumb sucker too. Adam and I argue which is worse a thumb or a pacifier, the jury is still out. But what can you do when a kid is throwing a fit? I cant wait to see you all. An overnight visit would be AWESOME if you all can do it. Talk to you soon!

Tiffany said...

1] You still look amazing, totally jealous.

2] Zoe is absolutely precious. Savannah started thinning out around 6 months, but she's still a chunk [despite never eating, how does THAT work?]

3] Savannah replaced her pacifier with her two forefingers. But only when she's tired. She has perfect teeth according to her dentist so apparently those two fingers don't hit in the same spot a thumb does. Who knows.

4] Oh tantrums. Life would be so boring without them. And quiet. And relaxing. If you find a cure-all for them, be sure and let me know.

5] Tantrums AND no naps?! I don't know how you do it. I watch the clock religiously counting down to the couple of hours I get where they are both sleeping.

6] Reflux here is MUCH better. I accidentally forgot to give her zantac for a couple of days, and she did great without it. Hopefully it's not a phase and she just outgrew it at record speed.

7] Did I mention you look amazing?

Lyda McMurray said...

Ashley and I go for a "morning walk" every day and I swear I am panting, sweating, and down right tired after only 100 yards. What gives?!?! It MUST be the hills and the sizes of our little couldn't possibly be anything else making us feel so worn out.

amosclarkson said...

I'm the same way when we take walks. Ours don't even last that long and I can feel it in my calves. Cute pictures as always-see you Thursday!

The Schwengels said...

Such cuties!!! :) And by the way, great job on keeping up with walks...I don't know how you do it!

To answer your sonogram is the 29th...The practice I go to makes us preggos wait until 20 full weeks. We'll be finding out boy or girl!

Sarah & Scott said...

da - great update! the girls are precious! you ARE such a great mommy!

sarah and scott

Supavan said...

You always have such entertaining blogs! BTW, I have loved all of our outings and get-togethers too. Will miss them A LOT when I go back to work. Buuuttt, I'm glad we've gotten to spend so much time together. I know you are too, because I am pretty much excellent...

Tiffany said...

I'm posting a reply here so I can assure that you see it!

August 7th, Dairy Queen is donating all proceeds from blizzard sales to the Childrens Miracle Network. I GUESS we'll have to go try those thin mint blizzards everyone and their brother are talking about. It's for a good cause and all...

I laughed at your comment. Granted, I was blessed with a "skinny" gene and am naturally tiny but like you, I wear a LOT of loose tops to hide the precious muffin top I have going on.

And let it be known, most of the things posted on our blog are done only when Daddy is home. I think the most thrilling thing I've done with both of them by myself was a trip to Target.