Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Happy New Year

We hope you had a great holiday and all of your wildest dreams are coming true in 2009. We are waaaay behind on our remodel and basement finishing so you notice the hiatus from posting anything lately. Here are a few pics from the holiday - more to come.

Black wardrobe:  $100
Digital camera:  $200
Holiday photo in front of somebody else's tree:  Priceless
Dad and his girl Zoe at the bowling alley.
Lucy reenacting the first Thanksgiving (if the pilgrims had juicy juice and funny turkey hats)


Amy said...

Love the picutres and of course the captions, hysterical,as always! Hey I want to come up soon to take boards, I need to take them soon, but everytime I think about it my chest tightens up and I think I am going to have an anxiety attack!! Anywhoo, I will let you know in advance when I can make it up there. Maybe we can do lunch cheaply! Love you guys,

Adrians Mama said...

I love the Christmas pic(even if it is in front of someone else's tree!) Too cute!

Our Three Girls said...

You are so funny! I always love reading your posts...and looking at the adorable pictures, of course!