Thursday, August 31, 2006

Still Alive Though Sleep Deprived

Yesterday I attended my first breastfeeding support group. According to the other women there I was pretty brave for taking Lucy to class at 3 days old. Believe me, I felt I was there out of sheer necessity. Still she's been doing pretty well and starting to understand the whole routine-thing, even if she's not quite ready to follow it yet.

We've been taking it easy since we got home, just reacquainting ourselves with each other. Ted has been better around her than I thought he would be. The last couple of nights Lucy's kept him up, and I swear that at times I can see him rolling his eyes at her. Charles has been amazing. It seems that he knows just what to do to get her settled. I am sad to think of him heading back to work next Tuesday : (
He is already a wonderful father (like I knew he would be), and Lucy is a very lucky girl. Here is my favorite shot of the two of them together so far.


amytourtillott said...

She is so beautiful!! I cant wait to see her.

Jeff and Brenna Morgan said...

She's perfect! Beth was telling me how beautiful your little girl is & how to find your blog. Hope you don't mine my sneeking a peek! Hang in there with the breastfeeding-its worth the extra effort. You all look great!