Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Good Friends

With Charles working it gets kind of lonely around here, so it is nice when I have some visitors. April and Alisha have been such good friends to me. They come see me and Lucy whenever they get the chance, and I so appreciate and look forward to their visits. Ted appreciates their visits as well, if that wasn't apparent enough... This last visit they brought Sarah with them along with takeout from Panda Express (yummy!). It was so much fun, even though Lucy doesn't look very happy in the pictures.
(Charles) If it gets too lonely, there is a vacuum cleaner and dust rag in the closet that can keep you company....the more you use them, the better the chance that they will come to life - kinda like the movie Beauty and the Beast - but so far I haven't heard a peep.
Just kidding

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sarah k. said...

i am so offended that lucy is bawling while i am holding her! she's still so darn cute!