Saturday, November 11, 2006

summer in fall, big girl jacket, play friends, and a visit with great Auntie Norma and Uncle Ralph

Who me? (by the way, the camera adds ten pounds...mostly in the face - her dad experiences the same problems with cameras...which is why they can't be trusted)

Those legs are in there somewhere.

The weather in Kansas City has been crazy. 70s and 80s one week and 40s and 50s the next. This past Tuesday was super warm so we took advantage of it and wore a short sleeve shirt. It has the cutest butterfly collar and racerback (that you can't see). When she's sitting up she loves to play with her pant legs. She almost looks like she is doing a curtsy in the last picture. What a little lady!

On cooler days Lucy likes to chill in her denim jacket. She thinks it's pretty cool.

Preston, Lucy, Mallory

Lucy is my friend! Mine!

Wednesday in BFSG we let the babies play on their blankets. They're not quite big enough to move around so they end up staring at each other or sleeping. You can see which one Lucy opts for. That last picture was posed, but it was still cute considering they are boyfriend/girlfriend.

(Charles) - Too bad he will have to wait 18 more years to ask her out on a date.

Uncle Ralph, Auntie Norma, and Lucy. Little does Lucy know that she is in the presence of greatness. There are a few people in each family that really hold it Auntie is one of them - she has always looked out for everybody and gone out of her way for family. Lucy would not have the dad she has today without them.

My what pretty nails you have!

Auntie has just the right touch.

Here is my Uncle Ralph telling Lucy about all of the fish he caught up at the lake....she is too young for me to let her know they are mostly falsehoods - but good stories anyway.

Auntie and Uncle Ralph live in Minnesota so we don't get to see them often enough. This was their first time meeting Lucy and I have to say I think that it went well. Lucy seemed very impressed. She really enjoyed their visit and wished that they could have stayed longer.


Baby Sutton said...

I think that picture of Lucy and Preston is hilarious. Mal and I wanted to say we had such a great time on Thursday:) See you tomorrow or Wednesday.

Anonymous said...


It's Angie Riggs ( well now Shemwell) Lucy is beautiful! Your dad gave me the website to look at. You look awesome too! I would love to hear from you.. my email is

Take care and talk to you soon,
Angie :)

amytourtillott said...

She is so cute! I cant wait to come and see you guys again. I just love the pink outfit!
Aunt Amy