Friday, October 12, 2007

Fall is here!

Fall is definitely the favorite and most anticipated season in our household. We couldn't be happier that Mother Nature finally decided to give us some cooler days and nights. There's a chill in the air and the leaves are changing into wonderful shades of red, orange, and yellow. Soon there will be bonfires with weanie roasts and smores, hayrides, and visits to the pumpkin patch. I cannot wait! Hopefully this weather is here to stay, as I can't imagine slipping back into summer or worse, running head first into the beastly cold that is Winter here in the midwest.

Speaking of cold, Miss Lucy decided now would be the best time to shop for a new jacket. It's lined with a wonderfully soft fleece, and has cute embroidery and a faux fur collar to boot! She wore it for the first time on our nightly walk earlier this week. It kept her sound as a pound, and hey, we think she looks pretty cute in it.

With the recent drop in temperature, we've decided to cut our energy bill some slack and shut off the A/C. The only problem is, it gets super cold late at night and stays that way until about 4 in the afternoon. Yesterday we woke up and it was a chilly 66 degrees. All morning Lucy and I were bundled like eskimos. I know what you're thinking, "Turn on the heat dumb-dumb". Herein lies the dilemma, by late afternoon, early evening the house warms up to 70 and stays that way well after we've turned in for the night. Do I turn the heat on for few measly hours and pay the price (quite literally) or do we suck it up and dress like it's the middle of winter?

Instead of doing either, I decided the best solution was to go somewhere and steal someone else's heat. Problem solved, for yesterday anyway. We hit up the Center and Lucy played to her heart's content. I got to hit up some sale racks and found some good deals. Everybody wins!

Lucy's first driving lesson. I told her she wouldn't pass her driver's test with the one-handed approach.

Such a quick learner. Notice her hands on the ten and two, well as close as they could make it considering she doesn't tell time yet.

Charles and I were feeling quite motivated yesterday, so last night after our normal walking circuit, we logged in another mile or so. It was so chilly that we dressed Chubs quite warmly. The extra time in the stroller in addition to being nice and toasty must have lulled her to sleep because this is what we found when we wheeled her inside. When did she get so big? She's such a big girl now.

I couldn't resist a close up. She is so precious, especially when she's sleeping. Now I'm remembering another reason I didn't get much sleep when she was first born. All I wanted to do was watch her sleep, and not in that creepy kind of stalker way.

Lastly, a new development. Lucy is now drinking milk. It has to be watered down, but it's a start. She's drinking anywhere between 5 and 8 oz of Vit D a day. I picked up a lunch box for her to keep her milk chilled when we're out and running about. She loves it. When it's empty she carries it around the house. It's like her own little briefcase. Here she is getting ready for work. Lunchbox/briefcase... check, Boa... check, cellphone... check.


sarah and scott said...

i love it! lucy is too cute. and i hope you and charles have another little girl...not only so lucy can have a sister, but so you don't steal our boy's name! :)

love you!


April & Alisha said...

I love Lucy's new coat. I can't wait to go on a walk with the two of you and enjoy the fall weather!