Wednesday, November 28, 2007

A Note to my Best Friend.

Happy Birthday my sweet husband. I am so priviledged to share my life with you. One hundred birthdays side by side would still not be enough time spent together. I admire and respect you more than the depths of the sea. I am proud to call you friend. I learn something new about you and us everyday, and in the process, I evolve a little more. You make me a better person.

I cherish the life we have created together. You are the backbone of this family. Your strength and faith astound me. I could not and would not want to any of this without you at my side, holding my hand. I look forward to growing old with you, and I can't wait until we have matching mops of silver and grey. Just imagine, us at the nursing home, in our matching twin beds, fully equipped with bedrails and nurse call buttons. It'll be bliss as long as we're there together.

Thank you for being a wonderful husband and father. Our children are lucky to have such a man in their lives. I love you.

365 days before. A lot can happen in one year!


April & Alisha said...

so sweet! Happy Birthday Charles!

Our Three Girls said...

Happy Birthday, Charles!

amosclarkson said...

Happy Birthday, Charles! What wonderful words written by your wife!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Charles! Wow, look how much bigger Lucy, and the cake, have gotten... imagine what things will be like next year... two little ones... and a mammoth size cake! Don't worry, your sister in law will help you eat it...


Future Mr. & Mrs. said...

WOW! That made me cry! It's so nice to hear such kind words you have for your husband, Da!

Happy Birthday Charles!

sarah and scott said...

da...that was the sweetest thing i have ever read. can you call scott and tell him to prepare a speech similar to that for my may 10th birthday? he has a less than 6 months to write it so please contact him immediately.

CHARLES - happy birthday!
lucy - i think i need to come play with you soon!
baby girl horton #2 - i bet you are super cute and can't wait to see you.

love you all,