Monday, November 26, 2007

Sick Baby

Just a quick update...

Lucy had a runny nose for a few of weeks. I wasn't too concerned, especially because she now attends nursery school (and is thereby exposed to many more germs) and it's about that time of year. Last week it turned into a big cold, complete with fever, congestion, and a hacking cough. The little appetite she normally has dissipated to nothing. After a few rough nights Charles and I took her into the doctor. Turns out our little girl has croup. In her case, a virus caused swelling and inflammation of the larynx and surrounding tissue. This led to her labored breathing and bark-like cough. Dr. Sullivan prescribed her an anti-inflammatory medication and assured us that the virus would pass eventually. She's only successfully taken two doses because her coughing is so extreme and violent that she occasionally vomits. It's been almost a week now since the symptoms first surfaced and fortunately her condition hasn't worsened. She seems to be on the mend.

As for the other little girl, she's doing great. I can't believe how active she is already. The kid never sleeps; she is constantly in motion. And she is so strong. I have crazy dreams at night she's kicked a hole through my uterus! I am really, really showing now and I've even had to purchase some maternity tops (per Charles' request). On Thursday her Aunt Sue said that instead of looking bloated, I now look pregnant. That's always refreshing to hear, so hooray for me!

Happy Belated Thanksgiving Everyone!


amosclarkson said...

I want pictures, I want pictures!! :) Hope Lucy gets over the sickness soon, poor baby!

Tiffany said...

Aaw Savannah wishes Lucy a very speedy recovery. Sick babies are no fun [minus the snuggling part].

My belly seems to have stretched double in the last couple of weeks too! I don't get it. I did that with Savannah, had some sort of internal explosion one night and I was huge!

Our Three Girls said...

I'm so sorry that Lucy is sick! We've been there and it isn't fun! Hope to see you soon!

Brian said...

Sorry to hear Lucy is sick, we'll be thinking about her! Weird thing is, that sounds EXACTLY like what I have right now!

Is that just a baby thing or an adult thing? If it's just a baby thing, perhaps I can get it because I have such a young, youthful physique?

Or maybe Lucy gave it to me? Which is weird since I've never met Lucy...hmmm....

As far as the new little one kicking through your uterus, that's a sort of disturbing "Ridley Scott's Alien" kind of image... but interesting. Lyda is getting close to giving birth and I think at this point she is HOPING that the baby will kick through her belly and exit her... whatever the surgery would require I think she'd be happier if the baby were just here at this point and she could get on with things already!

Hope you guys are well!