Sunday, April 26, 2009

Easter, Self-Portraits, Models, Birthday Girl

This year's Easter Bunny was "Friendly/Hippity-Hoppity Easter Bunny" compared to last year's "grown-man-in-furry-costume-getting-ready-to-rob-bank-Easter-Bunny", and strangely enough, neither child was too receptive.  This is about as close as either one of them would get without shrieking.  

The lazy ones waiting for their cousins to fill their baskets.

The only picture I have of Lucy hunting for eggs.  I don't know how she managed to get empty eggs.  My theory is either the quicker children took the candy and put the empty eggs back, or as a way to save money, the Easter Egg Bunny laid a few empty ones.  
Cousins picture.  It is going to be a long, long time before we get a decent shot of all of them.

Maly, Alison, and Zoe experimenting with the self-portrait option.  Uh, yeah.  There are some definite keepers in this collection...


My Mother and Grandma recently came back from a trip to Laos.  They brought all the girls matching outfits.  So very chic and pink and noisy.  Every outfit has at least ten mini-bells.

Grandma Maly, Lucy, and Pari.  

Zoe turned one a month ago, but we celebrated this weekend.  I'll blame it on scheduling, but really it's just procrastination at its finest.  Things Zoe enjoyed: the singing, the presents.  Things Zoe did not enjoy: not being held my Mom, the taco bar dinner, the cake.  Things Lucy enjoyed: being held by Dad, the singing, the presents, the taco bar dinner, and especially the cake.  Things Lucy did not enjoy: being told there was no more cake.

Momma and her girls, Aunt Sue and Kalani S.  

Grandma Penn and the easily-amused Kalani.  Those cheekies are so juicy.  That child is definitely not missing any meals.

Oh yeah, I didn't post any pictures, but Lucy got her first "real" haircut a few weeks ago.  If you ever wondered why Lucy always wore her hair up, this is the reason: Hair pattern and growth is weird.  Lucy's hair grew so fast in the back and took forever to get any thickness or length up front.  What I'm trying to say is if I let it grow to its own accord, this child would naturally have a mullet.  No Joke.  The hairdresser took a little over three inches off the back, trimmed her bangs and took nothing, absolutely nothing, off the front and sides.  All that was missing was the Natty Lite can and half-smoked ciggy.  Mullet-Skullet rest in peace.

My silly girls.

They are so loving and affectionate.  I couldn't have asked for sweeter girls.


April & Alisha said...

I love the last two photos of the 3 of you girls! They are the sweetest! I missed seeing you girlies last week. Maybe later this week we can make it happen.

Preston and Ashten's World said...

LOVE THE UPDATE...and hanging out last week...well have to make a plan again soon...

Sarah & Scott said...

i also love the last photo. so sweet. and happy late birthday, miss zoe! you are such a good mama, da!

amosclarkson said...

Thanks for the update! Can't believe Zoe is one already!

Mrs. N said...

You are ridiculous, can of Natty lite and skullet mullet, LOL. I was dying by the end of this post!!