Sunday, April 05, 2009

Spring Break

Most folks think of spring break as going somewhere tropical with exotic drinks either poolside or on a beach.  Not us.  Our version of spring break consists of a sweet Marriott hotel with a slightly frigid indoor pool and a view of the interstate.  The destination you ask? None other than Cabo San Des Moines.  It is a central place for us to meet and we had a great time - always nice to discuss everybody else's dysfunction while complimenting ourselves on how great we are.  Given the recession and economic conditions, I assumed we would not have to wait for a table when we decided to go eat - but apparently there is something about chain restaurants in West Des Moines that attract large crowds of people.  During the two hour wait at Texas Roadhouse, it was a perfect time for a photo opportunity.  

Here are Nanthida, Charles, Iain and Katie in-between taking trips to ask when our table was going to be ready and complaining to management.  

Lucy and Zoe with Grandma J and Aunt Peggy.  There is a board behind them that displays when your table is ready....notice that nothing is lit. 

Lucy showing a little midriff - I think she gets that from her mother.  Her dad has since bought her extra long shirts - which is a trend that will continue into adulthood. 

Zoe in her standard pose - I think she calls this one 'blue steel'.  I tried to tell her that the name was already taken.

Lucy and her dad in what looks like dance practice.  Her father's dance moves are so awesome and yet rare to catch on camera - some things are just meant to see live.  

Group hug.  Lucy is a very sweet girl and loves her sister...most of the time.

Lucy helping Zoe with her presents.  She is such a good helper that way.  She will even demonstrate to her little sister how things work.  But don't assume that Zoe is passive, she defends herself with a stealth-like hair pull when nobody is watching - and will smack Lucy in the face when she is sleeping.  Hey, if a bear craps in the woods....

Lucy is getting to be so big - she has now transitioned herself into pullups.  Not sure that she has it on correctly but the box didn't come with directions - I guess you are just supposed to know these things.  Anywho, here she is showing her biggest fan (Zoe) how its done. 
And as always with a spring break trip, we are counting the days until next year.


April & Alisha said...

You are so funny! I hope the yummy rolls at Texas Roadhouse were worth the wait. I definitely think Lucy is wearing the pull up correctly...that's how I'd put it on too.

Russ & Emily said...

Thanks for your congrats post on our blog! Your girls are so cute, I love checking in on your blog and seeing how you guys are doing.

Holly said...

Oh boy you guys picked THEE busiest restaurant in DM! That place is packed every night - and they've been open for five years!! Nutty.
Anyway, yes, hope the buns and cinnamon butter were worth the wait!

Tourtillot Family said...

Your blog never fails to crack me up! The girls are too sweet and it was great to see you guys last weekend. The twins are excited to see everyone next month!!
Love ya

Mommy K said...

Too, cute, Da! Your girls crack me up...their little personalities just shine through in all the pics!
Have a great Easter!!!
=) Katie

Tiffany said...

You are too sweet. It amazes me every time you post how similar our girls are. I'm so glad someone else in the world can commiserate with me on the attitude. Though I will admit - Maddie has gotten much better, but that means Savannah has taken a turn playing the tantrum game. Sigh.

I wish you lived closer too. Oh the trouble all us girls would get in. Next time you're up, shoot me a note :)

Kevin and Supavan said...

So glad you have such a good time with the fam! I think if I had to wait that long I would have been far grumpier! Can't wait to see the girls tomorrow!... and of course you too!

Anonymous said...

Nanthida, What an apt desciption of "spring break" weekend! We will see what next year brings! I thought it was a great time, and can't wait for next year and more babies! Do you think Lucy is ready for the next step? She's got the ends wrong, but actually in some stange way, she sure knows what to do with a pull up! I think she looks great!! love miss Judie