Thursday, August 28, 2008


Papa's birthday was earlier this month. He turned 21... again. Although it appears the cake says he's five.

The cousins eating cake and ice cream. Notice that my child is the only one who didn't take the time to smile for the camera. She's really into her dessert. The apple doesn't fall too far from the tree.

Airplane! Weeeeeee!

Only 11 1/2 months, 3 inches, and a 1/2 pound separate these two.

Papa and Kalani S. Dad and Zoe. Zoe looks like she could snack on her much smaller cousin. He is catching up on her though. Zoe's growth is really slowing down and Kalani is getting so big. They'll be the same size before too long.

Side story: My two sisters and I were goofing off, taking silly self portraits. The pictures were not the best (which is why they aren't here), so we kept taking more and more. We were laughing, having a grand old time, and our husbands were not amused (because they were trying to watch ESPN). At one point during the "photo shoot", Charles said, "Hey, Lucy wrote you guys a note." Ha Ha, very funny.

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Our Three Girls said...

Lucy is so advanced! Already writing...while drinking a juice box! Amazing!