Thursday, August 28, 2008


Many, many weeks ago Beth and Addie hosted a playgroup in their dance club/basement. Zoe had a grand time laying next to Gael on the floor, staring at him. Seriously, who wouldn't love staring at the boy. He's gorgeous!

Lucy loved playing dress up and especially loved the dance party that followed the runway fashion show. Those high end fashion models really do live the life, don't they?

Strike a pose girls!

Rowan was my bestest buddy that day. We had a great time taking self-portraits with Beth's camera. I wonder if she found the pictures yet...

Speaking of pictures, Tatum was my photographer that afternoon and took great pictures, hence the lack of Tatum in the pictures. Thanks Tatum!

Disco queen Tessa. I promised her I would post this picture. She is so funny.


Micah and Beth said...

Those posts are great! I'll have to check the camera that you and Rowan were using. It's actually an old one that we gave I didn't even bother to check it. How funny!

Our Three Girls said...

So fun! I'll have to "borrow" those pictures off your blog! :)