Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Fort

We finally got to see Amy, Adam, and the babies. They were so sweet and cute and cuddly! They spent the first half of our visit like this, just sleeping. Don't you love the newborn stage?

I know Amy posted this already, but it is too funny to not mention again. After lunch down at the Fort, the boys headed over the Rusty's (I think), to have a drink and shoot some pool. Amy, the kids (all four), and I explored downtown the best we could with two double strollers and many closed walkways due to construction. At one point we headed over the Rusty's to hang out. The first thing the flash through my mind was the line from Sweet Home Alabama, "You have a baby... in a bar?" Actually, we had four babies in that bar, but in our defense, it is a restaurant as well, and as we walked in the back entrance (the stroller wouldn't fit through the front) a child Lucy's age greeted us. And upon further inspection, there were other children seated up front eating with their families. See, we aren't the only crazy ones. So, in order to commemorate the girls' first bar experience (with their father, no less), I thought a photo op beneath the Coors Light sign would do the trick! Perfection!

Me and my bestest buddy.

Zoe LOVED hanging with her new bestest buddies.

Lucy, not so much.

Thanks for the hospitality you two, err four. We had such a great time and can't wait to do it again. Love you all!


Sarah & Scott said...

i love the pic of zoe smiling in her bumbo chair. TOOOOO cute!

Tourtillot Family said...

Love the pictures, especially the one of Charles and the girls in the bar! Hope we can get together again soon.