Friday, March 16, 2007

Cereal, At Long Last!

This past Sunday, we broke down and finally started Lucy on cereal. It's not that we were ever opposed to her eating solids, but one: we weren't looking forward to the change in her poopoo, and two: Darn it, we're lazy. Well, it wasn't bad at all. In fact, it was kind of fun. Since then she's been eating it every night. She gets it down for the most part and actually seems to enjoy herself. Last night we tried green beans. It didn't go over too well. Rest assured if she's anything like her Mom or Dad she'll be eating everything in site (once she gets more teeth).

Lucy getting acquainted with the cereal.

Lucy unsure and apprehensive of what lies ahead.

Lucy after her first bite; definitely not enjoying it.

Lucy recoiling in fear of having to eat more. She's using her eyes and begging Dad to stop.

The torture continues...


Anonymous said...

Yeah!!! Glad Lucy finally joined the club!! I hate the green beans mom and dad are TRYING to make me eat them too!! Ask them for the orange veggies...they are much better!

Tiffany said...

Ha, I just have to say that you are hilarious. Savannah enjoyed seeing Lucy again at the wedding! [She is so darn cute!]

Oh and the poops. ::sigh:: yea, those are fun. I believe we have now bleached her onesies 3 times??

Baby Sutton said...

Charles you are so mean...force feeding Lucy:) Get used to it:) Mallory hates Green Beans too, try peas or garden veggies. At least you are still able to feed her...Mallory wants to feed herself and food gets EVERYWHERE!!! See you Monday - Love Mal and Em