Thursday, March 22, 2007

Nearly naked baby

There's not too much new here in the Horton household. Lucy will be seven months in just five short days. I know I say it all the time, but time has flown. She is growing and growing. This past Wednesday she weighed in at just a little over 18 pounds. She is getting much more verbal and jibber-jabbers all day (and night) long. She has recently decided that she's a big girl and shouldn't have a baby's bedtime. She stays up as late as Mom and Dad, or really as long as the television is on. I think she has learned to associate lights-out and tv-off with sleepy-time.

Lucy's second bottom tooth finally broke through tonight and boy is she a crab. The teething from the first tooth and this tooth are a little different; less drool, more irritability, and loss of appetite. I suppose she can live off the fat of the land for the next couple days until she's feeling better.

Dad and Lucy hamming it up for the camera.

Who doesn't love a naked baby?

Don't you just want to pink those cheeks and thighs?

Still in no hurry to crawl, but enjoying tummy time all the same.

It has become increasingly difficult for me to take pictures of Lucy. She is such a little wiggle worm and refuses to stay still for the camera. Here she is in her rocker. I thought giving her the remote to play with might keep her distracted for awhile. See the interest in her face? This girl loves anything with buttons.

At this point she see her toes or "pigs" as we call them. They are so interesting that she want to hold the remote and get her little "pigs". But, as you can see she hasn't mastered the whole multi-tasking thing.

And somehow she has managed to gracefully roll/fall onto her back. The pigs win and the remote is lost...for now.

For the last picture we have some big news. We've made an addition to our family...She is silver and seats eight. Yes. people, that's right. I now drive a mommy-mobile! The arrival couldn't have been any more perfect in timing. I was getting very tired of straining my neck to get Lucy and her carrier out of the backseat and the beemer was coming up on its 90,000 mile check-up. Lucy wasn't feeling the whole family car thing and thought a two seater convertible would be more appropriate. Here she is modeling the vehicle her and Dad would have rather drove home.


Anonymous said...

We love ya chubs!! Great pics...keep um coming!

Our Three Girls said...

Lucy, You are one of my cutest friends! I love your chubby rolls! Do you like mine?

Micah and Beth said...

Your comments are so entertaining. You crack me up! That's awesome that you got a new "Mom-Mobile". I would love one....someday, I hope :).