Thursday, March 01, 2007

Poor Ted

Yesterday evening the temperature was in the low 60s, so I wrapped Lucy into her Moby, and she and I took Ted on a walk. It was so nice to be outdoors without a winter coat on. Ted had an extra spring in his step and didn't act like a wackadoodle when we came in for the night. I can't wait until the weather warms up for good.

Lucy loves Ted so much. Every time she sees him she squeals in delight. Poor Ted is so starved for attention that he'll patiently sit and let Lucy pet him. He doesn't even seem to mind Lucy's gentle "Love pats" or hair pulling, but as soon as he's had enough, he takes off running.

Lucy also loves to hug on Ted. I never realized how much bigger he is than her until I saw this picture. He looks huge! Right now he seems to be tolerating her at best. Ted used to be the "baby". Fortunately for us he quickly adapted to his new role as "boy/dog". Lucy has really matured our little man.

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