Monday, March 05, 2007

Six Month Check-Up

Lucy had her six month check-up today for another round of immunizations as well as a flu shot. She is developing normally and appears to be in good health. The only concern we had was the small red spot on the crease of her neck. Apparently, my daughter developed a fungal infection from the excessive drooling that accompanied her new tooth. So, basically, she's got athlete's foot on her neck. I was a little grossed out until the doc reassured me they were quite common for babies. A simple topical ointment should clear her right up. Here are her six month stats: Head circumference-17 inches (75%), Length-27 inches (75%), and Weight-17 lbs, 10 oz (75%). Her growth has slowed down, but she is still quite healthy!


Baby Preston said...

Happy 6 months Sweetie!! I can't believe how time flies!! And don't worry about the "fungal" thing--I don't mind :)

Our Three Girls said...

Lucy is such a cutie! She definitely doesn't fall into the failure to thrive category! Pretty soon she'll be sorting silverware!

Anonymous said...

Lucyna, you are so beautiful! I miss you. I want to squeeze you, and hug you, and kiss you, and cuddle with you all day long.

Your Auntie Sue

Micah and Beth said...

She's so cute, I want to just eat her up!!! Seriously, how do you not smother her by being around her all day, Da? She is doing so well--- you couldn't ask for anything more.