Monday, April 09, 2007

Easter Photo Shoot

As every parent knows, major holidays are all about dressing your children up and making them pose for pictures. I'm obviously no different. Here's Lucy wanting to wish everyone a "Hoppy Easter"!

As a child I remember Easter being a warm holiday. That was not the case this year, so we had Lucy sporting her baby Uggs, you know, just so she could keep the pigs warm. Nevermind the upper body...

She can be so serious at times. I love the girls' rocking chair. What is it about children's furniture that is so darn cute?

As Maly pulls out more silly faces, Lucy "eggs" her on with a thumbs up. Get it, "eggs", Easter egg hunts, get it?

The next three were all so cute I couldn't just pick one. So, here they are!

A cousins picture, but we're missing baby Tiona. She napped all afteroon. I don't think the word nap is in Lucy's vernacular.


Our Three Girls said...

Those are the cutest! I wish we could have seen you more on Sunday. Next year, we'll have to hunt eggs together. Love you, guys!

Future Mr. & Mrs. said...

Lucy is just the sweetest baby EVER! I can't wait to meet her in person. (and Charles!)

Anonymous said...

Lucy you are so cute in those bunny ears!!!! I miss you and can't wait to see you tomorrow! (PS I thought we were trying to work things out...what's this I hear about you talking to my friend Jace behind my back?) Love ya, P!