Sunday, April 29, 2007

Girls Night, Sleepy-Time, Mirror-Mirror

This past Friday Lucy enjoyed her second "Girls Night Out". We met up with some friends, enjoyed a nice dinner at Genghis Khan, and had coffee afterwards at Sarah K's place. It was so much fun, and we can't wait until next month's get-together!

As we all know, Lucy is not a big fan of sleeping. When she does sleep, she prefers to be cuddled up next to a warm body. Then, and only then are we guaranteed at least a few hours of precious sleep.

Lucy took a nap in her crib for the first time on Friday afternoon. She hadn't slept all day and we knew that we would be out late. She was vehemently opposed to the idea, but after 45 minutes of crying in her crib, she finally slept...for a whole 25 minutes!

Lucy has discovered the "baby in the mirror". She can jibber-jabber all day long to her own reflection. Ignore the dork in the background.

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Future Mr. & Mrs. said...

Congrats Aunt Da!

I personally love your mommy voice...and it was great to see baby Lucy in action. Such a sweet baby...

Miss you!

Our Three Girls said...

I had such a great time at Girls' Night! Lucy is precious and fit right in...and I know Aunt Vadsana loved the water in her lap! :)

Micah and Beth said...

Yeah! Lucy has a new cousin! I love the baby kisses in the mirror. That is so precious!!!

sarah koehler said...

i had a lot of fun at girls night. lucy is such a good baby. it's amazing! and i loved the video, too. she is such a sweetpea.