Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Doctor's Appointment

Miss Lucy had another round of immunizations today. She nearly broke Dad's heart when that first shot was given. What a sad cry! We're home now and she's doing well; playing in her exersaucer and babbling incoherently (knock on wood). I hope that she stays like this, because I remember all too vividly what effect the last shots had on her.
Here are her stats for the month:
Head circumference-17 inches (90%)
Length-26 inches (90%)
Weight-16 pounds, 4 ounces (85%)
Dr. Cattaneo says that she's a very healthy girl and seems to be doing quite well. We talked about when to introduce cereal, and he recommended sometime in the fifth or sixth month, but no later than seven months. Apparently, babies are more prone to develop allergies and eczema if introduced to cereal and table food before three months and after seven. I'm glad I know that because I plan on waiting as long as possible. She's just so efficient on the breast that I know it's going to be more work switching her over.
Happy Baby; obviously before the shots.
Over the shoulder pose."I'm flying!"
"I love tummy time."
"I found my toes!"


HollyBids said...

oh ja boo boo - I just wanna pinch her! :) Yes, the kids will come to know me as the crazy cheek pincher ;)

Kerri said...

Lucy is the cutest! The girls love looking at her pictures! Da, you are such a good mom. I wished we lived closer so that we could have some playtime!

sarah koehler said...

she is just too sweet. i can't believe i am just blocks away from her and hardly ever see her. i need to do better at that! i loves ya. sarah

Micah and Beth said...

She really is adorable! She's really alert and seems so precious. Btw, your blog just cracks me up!