Sunday, January 21, 2007

Emily and Josh's Wedding

This past Saturday my dearest friend Emily married her Prince Charming, Mr. Joshua Sutton. She was a radiant bride and he a beaming groom. As I watched them exchanging vows I was reminded how truly lucky we are to find our "other-halfs". And they are just that, best friends and soul mates. They bring out the best in each other. I was a pround friend standing beside them at the alter.

When Charles and I went shopping for Lucy's Christmas dress we bought one we figured could serve double-duty: Christmas and wedding. After all, Christmas was only a few weeks before the wedding. Boy, were we wrong. It was way too small when I pulled it out last week. How does one little baby grow so fast? Well, since I'm trying to be a good steward, I decided to hit the thrift stores to find her a new dress. My search proved fruitless. There was little selection and what they had was over priced. Luckily Old Navy was having their end-of-the-season sale. I was able to buy her this adorable dress for under five dollars. I even stocked up on clothing for her next year. What a steal!

My mother is truly a saint. Saturday was busy from sun up to sun down. She met us at the church and watched Lucy and Mallory while all us girls were getting ready. Then, at the reception she took Lucy so Dad and I could have dinner. I tried to relieve her of her "duties" and she said, "Take your husband and go dance." She finally relinqushed Lucy at the end of the evening. I appreciate so much everything she does for me. I only hope and pray I can be such a good mother to Lucy.

Our first picture together at the wedding.

The beautiful bride and her adorable daughter.

This is my good friend Jen's husband and son, Jason and Preston. And of course Lucy and Dad. Jen and I call this the "soon-to-be-in-laws" picture. How cute will this picture be if they do end up dating?


sarah koehler said...

the wedding looks gorgeous! and so do you, of course! :) love you, sarah

HollyBids said...

You totally beat me to a wedding post!! :) I'll have to write one soon. Good recap, great pictures! It was so fun, now it's just a bummer of a Monday!!

Livvy said...

Good post.