Thursday, January 25, 2007

Funny Girl

Lucy is too funny sometimes. Here she is having fun on some sort of jumper think that basically wrecks your door molding and ends up costing over 1000 dollars for a few hours of fun. But with the playgroups and social circle that she runs in, there are a lot of new toys for her to play with, and a lot for mom and dad to evaluate in order to keep up with the Jones'. I first questioned this jumper contraption - knowing the damage it will do - but then Lucy told me that Mallory had one so she needed to have one too. By the way, she told me this with her eyes since she can't talk yet.

People say that Lucy looks like her father...well, I am starting to think that is true because the photo below looks like Lucy's Mardi Gras. One tip if you ever go; don't use the same hand gesture to cops or people in security uniforms...they will never get the fact that you were trying to say 'You're #1'. Helpful tips like that appear periodically throughout the blog.

Lucy chilling in her addidas sweatsuit that Grandpa got for her. Next will be matching crushed velour track suits for the whole family...nothing says comfort like crushed velour. When we first opened the gift, I thought Lucy would be 7 before she would wear I know why my family always bought me clothes that were a little big and not necessarily perfectly 'fitted'.


Anonymous said...

Honey, you are too funny. You can always make me laugh and laugh, and then laugh some more. Actually, Lucy looks more like me in that our wedding reception ; )Woo hoo!

sarah koehler said...

i say this every time, but lucy is too cute. and the whole pic about charles and mardi gras was toooooo funny! love, sarah k.

HollyBids said...

hahahahha you crack me up - Charles at Mardi Gras. At least you were able to capture one of her very early flippin' of the bird.

Avery the Great said...

Lucy in the jumpin Johnny is too cute....We are so glad we got to meet you all at Emily and Josh's wedding reception...Have a great day...Candi, Michael, and Avery the Great