Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Message from Dad

A quick update from Lucyna’s father (the guy on the left)…the past year has been really eventful for me – and through everything that I have been through in life, nothing could have prepared me for the profound impact of being a new father could have. It has changed every aspect of my life and I have learned a lot – like a new language (ga-ga-goo-goo), how to react to being urinated on (very calmly), how to handle a screaming baby (hand over to mom), how to do 12 hours worth of errands in 3 hour intervals (between feedings), diaper changes (call me white lightening), and much more. I would like to give a shout-out to my wife – who is the glue of our little family and the person who I can always count on in when things are the in best of times…or the worst of times. To see how my daughter reacts to her just confirms that special bond between mother and baby, and I am so lucky that she is the person who continually gives Lucy comfort, security, and love. Although Lucy may think I am the Ed McMahon of the deal (heeeeeerrrrrrrsssss Ma-ma!), I am starting to be more than just the sidekick who is good for a laugh or two….at least until she figures out that I have a huge dork side that may be genetic!

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Judy Horton-Holm said...

I love to read the latest blog---Lucy is sure growing ----I can't wait to see her! The Charles Horton family sure looks like a happy family, although a busy one. I do miss seeing Ted however, and I do know he is a big part of the family. Well March is coming soon and we will soon see you all. I pray for good driving weather---Hope you liked your Christmas box! Love Grandma Judy